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Hello Patrizia, The show was wonderful as well as the dinner and the company. Thank You I also love the CD, I am so glad I got it.

Susan Liston

I loved your Autumn in the Key of Jazz Concert. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Rosanna Indie

Patrizia your Autumn in the Key of Jazz was fabulous, ove your voice and hearing you sing.

Sharon Thurston

Ric Henry (An Outstanding Musician) If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing Patriza you need to see this show. She's a sassy and soulful artist!

"Your Ferragosto music, performance and band was an A+"

Mike  and Bob Stivers

"Patrizia, is a blessing to who ever hears her, sing. She sang for my 50th birthday and I and my guest are still jazzed" To you Lady Patrizia
Renee Lawson                                                                                                                               

"Thank you for performing, your voice is amazing, it helped make the night a wonderful time, Helene and I are in Costa Rica now enjoying our honeymmon and having a great time, do you have any new CD's available for purchase?"   "(I haven't had a chance to look at your web site).Thanks again and we will be sure to recommend you in the future.

Best wishes,
Peter and Helene


"Awesome Voice"                                                                 

MaRia Apodoca

"Patrizia sings her songs with such ease, such emotion, such feeling."  "Iíve  been a vocal coach for many years and I was honored to be in the company of such a
talented singer."   "Listening to Patrizia is addictive she keeps you wanting to hear more."       

Randy Wing

"Patrizia takes you on a journey telling each story, in beautiful fashion"  

Carla Funk  

"A beautiful voice , I enjoyed hearing her".                            

Monica Carrington Kathleen Masterson

"Patriziaís renditions are so soulful and sexy."                    

Cameron Lewis


She has a vibrato like Billie Holiday."

Triston Des Pres


"Your voice reminds me of  Sarah Vaughan,  What a treat."

DeShawn Mitchell


We didnít want to leave !

by Robert and Allyson Kenton


Move over Billie Holiday

Tanya Robins


"You just made me stop in my tracks."

Ted  Wilson


She is good and we really enjoyed hearing her,  She knows her music

Paulette and Ken Williamson


I didnít know her music, but I always enjoy listening to her, beautiful voice

Perry Wilkins


"If you havenít heard her, you are really missing out."

James Thompson


"What a gift  God has given her."

Peter Richardson


"I noticed how struck my wife  was when she got up and hugged you, after that one number, and the last one just left me numb.... wonderful!"

Roger Herrick


"One of the best torch singers of our time."

By Paul Johnston


"I saw your performance at the Comstock and you sang the hell out of The Shadow of Your Smile"  Glad you got all those standing deserved em and more!"

Manuel Riveria


Clear Channel Radio
"You're an outrageous singer! Congratulatuions on your success!"

Stan Waters
Clear Channel Radio


"You really move me!!"

"Girl you can really belt out some tunes!!"
It is so fun to watch you entertain the crowd.
Patrizia you are very talented...keep on singing you sure bring a lot of people joy!"



"Praises for Patrizia"

"Someday we'll all say.."we knew her when.." fantastic singer"..

Carrie & Martin Luther


"Neimans! Wow !

I went to Neimans last night with friends for dinner and it was my first time hearing you. You were outstanding, it was really exceptional to hear a local singer as
good as you. Outstanding!"

Angela Matson



What I liked about Patrizia is that she isn't afraid to embrace the joy of jazz, you can feel every lyric, so much emotion. She has a sweet sexy voice and and I
loved hearing her!

Trudi Stapelton



Well I was really blown away,  Patrizia was great!

Mitch Robins


"Last Saturday I was at Neimans,  Suddenly I heard this voice singing  that stopped me dead in my tracks, who is that,  I  wondered, saw the name Patrizia in the
lobby ...........well I stayed specifically to listen to her and really enjoyed myself."    " I'm a  fan,   she is great!"   "What a treat!"

Jeremy Copeland


"I caught Patrizia at Neimans last Saturday, she can really wail!"

 Cliffton Ramsey  

Neimans! Great Performance!

"Patrizia was fantastic, what a voice, she puts her whole soul into what she is singing!"

Stacy Littleton on October



"We came for dinner, what a wonderful surprise, beautifulvoice, Patrizia was great, throughly enjoyed hearing her!"

Walter and Janice Merdock



"I could have listened to Patrizia all night, gauging from the applause and the encore request I was not alone."

Bianca Reynolds


" The evening ended far to early, you were wonderful, thanks for the encore, must admit it just made us want more!"

George Morrison, Katherine Martin and Evelyn Mason



"Patrizia you are very good and I am looking forward to your CD!

Mathew Thompson



"She brought down the house, but then she always does"

Michael Chambers

"I'm in love, I'm in love...... who said you can't fall in love with a voice!"

Trenton Walker


If  you are a fan of Billie Holiday, love the sweet sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, then you will love Patrizia, her voice is sassy, sultry, sweet,
smooth she is outstanding, very talented lady, what a treat to have heard  her.

James Marisky


We stumbled across your website by accident,  we heard  you at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego and  you were wonderful, the best straight ahead vocal
jazz we've heard in longtime.   What a gorgeous voice!   We come to San Diego a couple times every year, sure hope to hear you next time we come to San Diego. We will also be looking  for your cd.

Penelope and Carl Zimmerman

"Patrizia  you are gifted with the emotional depth to really deliver a song  to a new high, my husband and I enjoyed your singing so much, it was a pleasure.

Cindy and Bob Jaestiny

I heard you at The Blvd  you were great, what a voice, I really enjoyed your songs !

Katherine Motley

After reading everything above it is hard to know what to say that has not already been said.  My boyfriend and I heard you at The Blvd, you are very unique, you
put so much into the songs you sang, we were coming in, did not see you and thought it was a cd we had never heard and we were wondering who it was  then we
realized it was live, you were  really good!

Chris Nicols and Evie Semenza  

I certainly hope to hear you again soon since what we heard was so limited, I heard you at the Blvd, I came in late and unfortunately on heard the last two songs of
the evening and I really liked what I heard sure intend to see you again!

Perry Manning 

Patrizia conveys emotional expression with her voice as only the instrumentalist of the highest caliber can.

Dominic Provenza

I sure hope you will be singing more  at more clubs this year you seem to do more private parties as opposed you have a rare talent to share, and I sure hope you
will let us hear more of you at some local venus!

Clarence Taylor  

Jazz Fans:  I saw an interview on television with Catherine Becker, an LA artist having a Gallery Showing in La Jolla, while there I had the pleasure of hearing  an
exceptional vocalist.  If you haven't heard her you are truly missing out.  She has a rich contralto voice, sultry, and sassy with so much feeling, a voice with which
great careers start.  With hints of  Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Carmen McRae, having said that she has a natural distinctive voice all her
own,she has something rare and beautiful, truly someone to watch!  It was a pleasure Patrizia!

John Holt  

I checked out your site and listened to All The Things You Are and Lover Man and liked your singing very much.

Jim Eigo Warwick, NY 

Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa
Gee sorry i cant get to the mothers day gig, I like your singing you look and sound good ,---lover man
you impress me!

Gerry Pahl

Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa
"The Hilton was wonderful, the food the atmosphere, but Patrizia you made my mothers day with your beautiful voice, thank you for making it such a beautiful day."

Julia Wilson

Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa

Beautiful, you made my day!

Justine Richardson  

Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa

I loved the way the Hotel and you projected throughout the whole hotel is was wonderful, thank you

Rosa Mariano

The Blvd San Marcos

You were great! Sure wish you were here every week

Michele Morrow

Barnes & Noble

Patrizia sings incredible Jazz Standards and soulful blues with a creamy, rich voice, that is both powerful, and yet so delicately serene, expressing every emotion
found in between!


Carnival Cruise Lines

Girl, you put Billie Holiday to shame your performance was outstanding


Carnival Cruise Lines

You captivated the entire audience, outstanding

Bill Stranton

Carnival Cruise Lines



Carnival Cruise Lines

One of the best singers to grace the stage in a longtime outstanding

Thurston Taylor

Carnival Cruise Lines

You should be on Broadway

Boyd Mayfield

Carnival Cruise Lines

"Outstanding Performance"!

Constance Bennett

Fan mail

Hello, Patrizia, this is Edwin. I heard your radio interview and the track from your CD, it was so good.  It was an immense pleasure to speak with you today and I
wish you the best of luck in all of your future gigs.  Keep us in your e-mail list so we know when your next CD is out.  If youíre ever in South Florida let us know,
weíd love to see you do your thing in person.    Best wishes!!

Edwin and Erica Melgar  West Palm Beach, FL


"Patrizia you were great I am happy to meet and hear you sing."  "Keep me informed for more shows"



Patrizia you have a beautiful voice, often during your performance at the Iconnect Cafe you reminded me of Ella Fitzsgerald who I had the pleasure of hearing many
years ago, it was a wonderful performance, thank you



Patrizia just wonderful, I saw a Broadway play called "Ain't Misbehavin" and you sounded so much like the girl in the lead you were so good!

Rachel Hargalen 


Hi Patrizia I am the older gentleman who came up to you at the beginning of your first show, I came specifically to hear and I enjoyed hearing every minute of it,
you were great,  hope to hear you again soon!  You reminded me so much of Ella Fitzgerald, you have such a sweet voice.

Bartholomew  Reynau  

"Patrizia, when I listen to you I can hear  Ella Fitzgerald's intonation."

Jilly Galleo 
Patrizia, you have such a beautiful voice, so much passion, you are phenomenal.  I hope you will come back to the Costa Mesa area soon.


Patrizia, what a great time we had last night, you were terrific. What I think about the majority of  Jazz Vocalist, is they are so busy trying to re-arrange and
improvize that they forget that the songs are beautiful they way they were written, loved your choice of songs and the respect you give the composers.  You were
great!  I just loved you! You have a beautiful voice, thank you for such a wonderful performance.

Pat C

Beautiful Voice, loved it!

Mathew Crane

Wow! You were great, what a vocal instrument you have!

James Ward

You made my party, thank you so much, there is nothing like real Jazz, you were great!

Carmen Marino

I love listening to you, so pretty, I did not want to leave, thanks!  Please let me know where you are, otherwise I will try to make it to La Scala again soon.

Casey Martin


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